A downloadable game for Windows

This project was carried out as part of our SCIA curriculum, at EPITA engineering school, for the company Ubisoft.

We researched how to implement immersive combat AI behaviors in games.

This page links to a research summary of the state of the art in combat AI and to a game prototype we built for this project.

Using Unity, we built a combat simulation between artificial intelligences, where the human player only has a passive role.

The player controls a VIP with no direct combat capabilities and must reach the end of the map.

Allied AIs escort the player and give him simple orders, guiding him along the safest path.

They will engage in combat against enemy AIs that try to locate, surround and kill the VIP.

You can customize many of the game parameters to balance or change AI behaviors.

Check out our gameplay video below.

For more information about the project and the algorithms we use, see our research summary and the demo design document included in the game package.

To get in touch, you can contact us at any of these adresses :

pierre-alban.simonin@epita.fr; romain.ducasse@epita.fr, aurelien.lermant@epita.fr


Team Sidule : Pierre-Alban Simonin; Romain Ducassé; Aurélien Lermant

Epita : http://www.epita.fr/


Combat AI-Demo.zip 8 MB
Combat AI-Demo design.pdf 531 kB
Combat AI-Inspiration and state of the art.pdf 3 MB